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Speedglass welding shield Speedglass welding shield

Speedglass welding shield

Perfect for hobby welders, farmers, and do-it-yourselfers, as well as maintenance and construction workers, these helmets provide state-of-the-art eye and face protection while allowing wearers to express their personality with several unique graphic designs. All 100 Series graphic helmet assemblies come with a variable shade ADF (100V, Shades 8-12). The black helmet is available with the 100V ADF, or with two different single shade ADF options (100S - shade 10 or 11).


  • The 3M(TM) Speedglas(TM) Welding Helmet 100 delivers protection, comfort and performance with distinctive graphic designs.
  • Welders can benefit from excellent optical quality and reliable light-to-dark switching at a highly affordable price.
Key Features Applications
9100xx is available with a dark shade of 5/8/9-13.
This model has a light shade of 3 and is suitable for Stick and MIG welding.
Comes with delay & sensitivity settings
Polyamide construction for lightweight & comfort
Unique Exhalation valve helps easy breathing

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