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SP-C46PNF Welding Curtains Size : 4 SP-C46PNF Welding Curtains Size : 4

SP-C46PNF Welding Curtains Size : 4

Product description:

Welding is a process which involves combination of heating, cutting, sparks, burning metal, and UV rays are given off which creates risk for not only the one who is carrying out process but also for those who are in vicinity of it. Keeping this in mind we manufacture this welding curtain which will effectively reduce hazardous UV light coming through welding process and protect person from sparks.


Product Specification

1) Welding Curtains are made of PVC.

2) They are available usually in thickness of 0.4mm(16 mil).

3) They are CE approved (EN 1598:2002).

4) Major properties are: UV Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Flame Resistance.

5) These welding screens can be cut in any length needed.

6) We also offer customisation by providing eyelets in this Portable Welding curtain along with portable welding stands on which the curtains can be hung and an enclosed welding area can be formed. They are usually available in green, red and yellow colours

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