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PVC Unsupported Gloves PVC Unsupported Gloves

PVC Unsupported Gloves

Product description:

Manufacturer & exporter of supported gloves, pvc unsupported gloves, acid proof gloves, poly gloves, heat resistant techno gloves, nitrile gloves.This is made from superior quality of PVC It is used for acid alkali and concentrated chemicals. Design on palm gives better grip.Economical compared to rubber gloves.
PVC hand safety gloves offer very good resistance to a variety fats of oils, acids, caustics and petroleum hydrocarbons.?
We manufacture?PVC supported gloves?in several colours and sizes based on length of the glove. We can also add a double coating of PVC to the glove making a very strong PVC Supported Glove?
Sizes: " 12 inch 14 inch 16 inch 18inch 22 inches?
Coating: Single dip/Double dip
?Color: Yellow, Blue?
Advantages: Very good chemical properties.


Key Features Applications
Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Construction
Available in different size.
Protection against oil, water based liquid and mild chemicals.

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