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Clean Agent HFC-236FA Clean Agent HFC-236FA

Clean Agent HFC-236FA

HFC-236FA Clean Agent (Low Pressure) is an advanced environment friendly zero ozone depletion gas. This media is exclusively designed for sensitive equipments such as Computer rooms, Libraries, Museums, Laboratories, Data processing centers, Industrial process control rooms, Chemical storage rooms and so on..

Product description:

FITECH 236 is the most advanced clean agent used in portable fire extinguishers and local application systems. It is an environmentally accepted clean agent gas having zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP), a low global warming potential and a short atmospheric life. With chemical and physical properties similar to Halon 1211, FITECH 236 can be used as a suitable replacement as a streaming fire suppressant.

Hexafluoropropane or HFC 236fa is a safe, clean, noncorrosive and electrically nonconductive agent suitable to be used in handheld fire extinguishers, as it will not cause thermal shock. FITECH 236 is discharged as a liquid, which ensures a longer discharge range.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has accepted HFC
236fa for use as a fire suppressant and will not be phased out under the Montreal Protocol.


Environmentally safe and ozone friendly having zero ODP

Electrically nonconductive

For use in portable and fixed fire extinguishers

Non-corrosive and suitable to be used on sensitive equipment

Low Global Warming Potential (GWP)

Discharged as a liquid for longer throw

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