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Artificial Resuscitator Artificial Resuscitator

Artificial Resuscitator

Key FeaturesApplications
Life saving first aid equipment
Arranged to connect oxygen supply in case of emergency
Easy to use by hand
In replacement of traditional system i.e. mouth to mouth to victims in case of suffocation
Used in case of suffocation caused by electric shock, heart problem etc.

Product description:


  • 100 percent medical grade silicone material.
  • Latex free components
  • Available in polysulfone type.
  • Autoclave is possible without injury to the product.
  • Long-life and durable.
  • Various accessories and private label options.
  • The set includes PVC reservoir bag, silicon mask 5 and disposable oxygen tubing.
  • 40cm H20 pressure relief valve reduces risk of excessive ventilation pressure.
  • All in one intake valve.

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