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3M H700 Series Hard Hat safety helmet 3M H700 Series Hard Hat safety helmet

3M H700 Series Hard Hat safety helmet

Product Code: 3M H-700 Series Hard Hat safety helmet

3M Series H-700 Hard Hat offers a potent blend of protection and wearability. This lightweight, low-profile helmet stays balanced and stable on your head, while its compact shape goes almost anywhere. And you feel cooler with the ventilated brow strap and optional top-of-helmet air vents. A 4-point ratchet or pinlock suspension system with brow pad, height adjustment and optional ventilation delivers comfort through the longest shift.
  • Comfortable, tough and lightweight protective hard hat
  • Short peak gives improved upwards visibility
  • Head harness can be rotated 180c for better visibility when working in confined spaces
  • Approved for use at -30C (EN397:2012) and -50C ( 397/?1-2010)


H-401R 3M H-400 Hardhat 4 pt Ratchet Unvented White. Applications Emergency Response Team members Workers in construction companies Manufacturing industries and automobile industries ERT Members ORT Members CRT Members EMT Members Factory Supervisor Plant Engineer Maintenance Workers Factory Operators.

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