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3M Disposable Protective Coverall Work Wear 4520 3M Disposable Protective Coverall Work Wear 4520

3M Disposable Protective Coverall Work Wear 4520

Key FeaturesApplications
Disposable safety Coverall work wear
Made of lightweight, breathable polypropylene with flame resistance.
Designed to be worn over primary FR garments
Protection against dusts and light liquid splashes
Elastic waist and ankles for convenience and freedom of movement
Three panel hood design for compatibility with complimentary PPE
Flame retardant coating offering secondary protection against heat and flame
Anti-static coating on both sides

  • Non-porous material and design offer protection from certain biological contaminants.
  • Taped seams across the suit help provide additional protection.
  • Knit cuffs provide a soft wrist closure for increased comfort compared to elastic closures.
  • Three panel hood design helps provide a more comfortable fit and a sleek, low-profile style.
  • Two-way zipper with sealable storm flap for convenience and to help provide additional protection.
  • Elastic waist and ankles for convenience and freedom of movement.
  • Anti-static coating on both sides helps reduce static build-up and prevent the risk of static discharge during use.

The 3M? Protective Coverall 4565 is disposable safety work wear made of a high quality laminated material. Features taped seams that help provide barrier protection against liquid splashes, hazardous dusts, and certain biological contaminants.

These key features make this chemical protective coverall a great disposable PPE option. The 3M protective coverall 4565 helps protect against hazardous dusts and light liquid chemical splashes and low pressure sprays. Typical applications may include: Paint Spraying, industrial and pharmaceutical manufacturing, asbestos inspection and handling, and Healthcare. Product recommended for the following industries: Abatement/Remediation, Agriculture, Biological/Biohazard, Cleaning and Maintenance, General Industry/Manufacturing, Painting, Pharmaceutical/Cleanroom.

Suggested Applications

  • Exposure to Radioactive Particles, Pesticide Application (Liquid), Blood, Bodily Fluids, Hazardous Biological Aerosol, Sewage, Liquid Chemical Handling, Liquid Chemical Transfer, Paint/Coating Spraying, Paint/Coating Spraying (with Isocyanate Paints), Powder Coating, Clean Room Applications (ISO Class 1 - 3), Clean Room Applications (ISO Class 4 - 9), Pharmaceutical Powder Handling.


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